Duvelsdorf Green Rake Classic

Duvelsdorf Green Rake Classic

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The GREEN.RAKE classic offers the highest level of comfort. Its four-row tine section ensures maximum per­me­a­bi­li­ty and minimum risk of clogging. As with all düvelsdorf products, the choice of materials for the GREEN.RAKE classic was made with great emphasis on stur­di­ness. For this reason a robust frame was used.


The GREEN.RAKE classic’s out­stan­ding feature is the double levelling bar. This allows even better levelling of un­e­ven­nes­ses such as molehills or damage caused by wildlife. The bar glides over the ground and allows you to work on damp or marshy surfaces without damaging the grass. The intensity of the rake pressure can be set via the height ad­just­ment by means of spindle and hole pattern. There is also the option to equip the GREEN.RAKE classic with two to four skids.e­com­men­ded for grassland main­ten­an­ce in spring and for in­ter­crop­ping in autumn.


  • Robust frame
  • Ad­just­ment of the rake intensity
  • Tine loss pro­tec­tion
  • 4-row tine section
  • Sturdy 10 mm tines
    Working widths in m 3 / 6 / 8
    Weight in kg 560 / 1000 / 1100
    Number of tine rows 4
    Tine spacing in mm 75
    Tine diameter in mm 10
    Transport width mm 2930 / 2980 / 2980