450g TEL Vulcan EP2 200 Grease Cartridges

450g TEL Vulcan EP2 200 Grease Cartridges

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A good general-purpose grease for home and farm use.     

TEL Vulcan 200 Grease is multi-purpose buttery textured, amber coloured grease, with effective oxidation stability to insure long service life.                                             

Selective additives give protection against normal corrosive and mechanical wear.      

This product has excellent resistance against water and has good pumpability characteristics.

Key Features

  • Multi-purpose grease: one grease for numerous applications.
  • Good pumpability at low temperatures.
  • Excellent water resistance.
  • Wide temperature operating range.
  • NLGI Certified LB in chassis applications.  


Recommended for lubrication of plain and anti-friction bearings, gears, and grease lubricated couplings in all types of industrial plants operating under moderate load conditions.                                                                                                         

Recommended for lubrication of all types of automotive equipment, trucks, tractors and contractor equipment.