Samasz Z470 Rotary Rake


SaMASZ has been famous for its production of agricultural equipment for 30 years, the company is among the leaders of European manufactures of agricultural equipment. SaMASZ machines are reliable operating in every condition, facilitating collection of the clean fodder ensuring the most valueable feed. The single rotor rake is of light design giving less pressure on the ground. The tine arm shape with its layout at the rotor has a great impact on windrow forming.

Key Features:
– 4.7 metres
– Oil operating gearbox (dry in UNO 470)
– Hydraulic lifting for transport
– Tine loss protection
– Windrow width regulation
– Raking height adjustment
– Dismountable arms for transport
– Windrow curtain
– Front ground following wheel
– Warning plates with road lights
– Tandem wheels
– PTO shaft
– Drawbar
– Two Year Warranty

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