Samasz Front disc mower 3.4m


Key Features
–Stepless regulation of cutting height (from 4,5 cm to 7 cm)
–Use of topping plates possible (increases cutting height to 6 cm – 9 cm) or double topping plates (increases cutting height to 8 cm – 12 cm)
–Perfect ground following also on uneven and steep terrain
–Eliminates tedding thanks to application of conditioners
–Hydraulic lifting for headlands and transport
–Mechanical transport locking
–Work with forage collecting machines (self–collecting trailers, balers) possible
–Foldable side guards for comfort transport
–Change of rpm possible by reversing main gearbox – work with tractors with left– or right–hand PTO rpms
–Work with side shift adapter reduces the risk of leaving strips of uncut grass while working on headlands and slopes

Price by Agreement