Redback Triangle & Chain Harrow


The favourite Tractor grass harrow, Redback’s Triangle and Chain Harrows are ideal for use in general pasture harrowing and aerating, break feeding, levelling sand tracks/arenas and dung spreading. Also good for cultivation finishing. Aggressive spikes in the front half of this design smash into muck and break it down, while the back half evenly spreads and finishes.
Rejuvenate your pasture now!

Key Features
– 3.6 meters (12')
– Tow Chain
– 2.3m (7'6") depth
– Just hitch and go, adjustable chains, and quick to hitch D–shackle
– Won't pull back under strain, 16mm triangles with aggressive, rigid spikes
– Levels and smashes, middle bar with powerful levelling action
– Evenly spreads and finishes, 12mm rear rings with no spikes, lies flat and spreads material superbly
– Wear resistant – high grade steel
– 12 month warranty

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