Feed Mixer Biga 20-230s Twin Future


The Peecon Biga Twin Eco Mixer Wagon is a self–loading unit, suitable for silage products and/or products that are packaged in cubic or round bales. The machine has been provided with a hydraulically operated loading platform with a manganese steel knife. This allows you to work with a single tractor. Thanks to the standard electric operation, the machine is very easy to use.

The unique Peecon double–action auger ensures fast and homogenous mixing, allowing any livestock to be provided with accurate and homogeneous mixed rations. In addition, the auger has been provided with an extra ejector to ensure even dosing of the rations. For special products and ration, Peecon offers modified augers. The unique auger construction ensures low energy consumption without compromising the mixing speed. The machine has been quipped with a separate, robust chassis, and because the weighing bars completely support the mixing tub, weighing is extremely accurate.

The Biga scoop series has been provided with straight side walls, which contribute to the perfect mixing of even low–structure rations.

The Biga Scoop provides continuity. Moreover, this machine will ensure homogeneous rations. Thus your livestock will live healthy lives, resulting in optimum yields.

– Wide floatation lugged tyres
– Rubber protection load flaps
– Tandam axle

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