Cashels Bale Cutter & Film Catcher


Designed to increase the productivity of handling and feeding round baled silage.
The unique shape of our Bale Cutter and Film Catcher ensures that the unit performs its function of transporting, cutting in half and catching the film and net every time.

Key Features:
• Robust construction throughout
• One double–acting hydraulic service controls both the Bale Cutter and Film Catcher
• Comes standard with five CAT 2 stone fork tines with option to fit two additional tines
• Uniquely designed blade ensures a closer cut to tines
• Uniquely shaped film catcher designed to penetrate the toughest bales
• Heavy cylinders fitted to unit to produce ample force to cut through even frozen bales
• Comes standard with Euro Linkage fitted and designed to facilitate varying linkage options

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