AVR Rafale Topper 4x75/80 c/w Mat & Hyd Wh


With and AVR topper, you can be assured of efficient top removal! The most important goal when it comes to topping is the destruction of the plant by shredding it and subsequently disposing of it. The AVR Rafale has been developed to achieve this goal with the utmost precision, while simultaneously limiting fuel consumption. The improved design of the topper has increased its suction power which, in turn, improves the machine's topping capacity significantly.
The Rafale topper is available as a 2 row up to 8 row versions.
Key Features
– Sturdy, thick walled flail shaft
– The length difference & unique shape of flails allow them to follow the contour of the ridges precisely
– Seeding tunnels for guiding toppings into the furrow
– 3PL for for front or rear mounting
– cutter bars increase capacity
– Hydraulic adjustable depth control wheels
– Self cleaning rubber
– 4x75/80

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