At FarmShop we offer a wide range of agri-chemicals to ensure there’s a smart solution for every scenario.

But we don’t leave it to chance; our in-store resident specialist will run through all of the best products for you. You can quiz us on your soil type, climate, pest issue, or weed worries – then walk away with a quality treatment plan. We’ve even secured our own registration on popular product lines, keeping things cost-effective. 

Correctly calibrated gear 

There’s nothing worse than getting your brand new spray equipment home and realising it’s not calibrated and not working. So before you waste your precious time, at FarmShop our in-store resident specialist can ensure your gear is correctly calibrated, ready in working order, for the task ahead. Plus if you need any parts, we can help in that department too. We stock a full range and can order in anything not on the shelf. We’ll work hard to have you back up and running in no time, that’s our promise. 

SpraySmart Agri-Chemical & Sprayer Unit Range 

We have done the research on your behalf and rolled out our very own label, SpraySmart. Only available at FarmShop, our SpraySmart chemicals are the gutsy answer to your spraying needs, matched for the challenges of farming in our area. Proven, tried and exhaustively tested – that’s our SpraySmart promise, along with a three-year warranty on SpraySmart equipment. 

Look out for our SpraySmart chemicals in this section, you’ll find them priced right - because it’s ours, we can! Then when you’re ready, lock in a chat with our friendly team - sprays, solutions and usage, we might be experts, but we always talk your language.