Let’s get your chemical game-plan sorted!

Navigating your way around agri-chemicals can be complicated, those labels all start looking the same, and the options can be confusing. Bad decisions can be costly, or worse still - ineffective. That’s where we help.  

At FarmShop we offer a wide range of agri-chemicals to ensure there’s a smart solution for every scenario. But we don’t leave it to chance; our in-store resident specialist will run through all of the best products for you. You can quiz us on your soil type, climate, pest issue, or weed worries – then walk away with a quality treatment plan. 

We’ve even secured our own registration on popular product lines, keeping things cost-effective. 

Looking for a fast kill? Knock out crops or weeds overnight so you can plant the next day – fast brown-out products are one of
our specialties. 

Come and talk to us today, chemicals are our business, not yours!